Let’s See if You Can Guess…

Let’s See if You Can Guess one my favourite animal.

  • This animal makes me feel happy.   🙂
  • They are not very big.
  • When you pet them, they feel like a soft, fleece blanket.
  • They don’t smell very good when they are wet.
  • They’ve got large round eyes for their size, miniature round ears, and a very curly tail.
  • This cute animal can be black, brown, white, or beige.
  • These little four legged animals look like they’ve been wacked in the nose with a frying pan.

Can you guess what animal it is?…………………………………..Educational Block ? Leo Reynolds via Compfight

6 thoughts on “Let’s See if You Can Guess…

  1. Kimberly

    There’s no way that’s not a pug. Seriously, those little things are adorable! Honestly, I just want to squeeze them!
    Good job =)


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