Amazing Feathers

Hi everyone;

Did you know there are some amazing types of chickens? I learned about some of them from my mom, and research that I did. I’ll talk about the four funky types of chickens that I have. There are three BANTAM  types (small), and one standard type.

Black Silkie that has molted and lost it's feathery head. (my photo)

Black Silkie that has molted and lost it’s feathery head. (my photo)

The silkie chicken is a bantam size that comes in brown, white, and black.  Their feathers are silky smooth and they have a poofy all of feathers on their heads. When they’re adults you can’t see their eyes because of their hair-doo. Silkies’ eggs are a creamy colour and half the size of regular eggs.  Their skin and bones are black, their ears are turquoise dots on the sides of their heads and they’re the only chickens with five toes.

White Silkie in cage

White Silke chicken with all of its feathers By Just chaos (Silkie Chicken) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Mille Fleur chickens are also bantam birds that lay even smaller eggs than a silkies. They are a light brown colour with black and white speckles all over them. Mille Fleur chickens have fancy feathers on their feet that look like feathery shoes. Both the Mille Fleur and Silkie chickens make good pets because they’re calm and gentle.


Mille de Fleur chicken with it’s feathery feet. (my photo)

Frizzle chickens are bantam chickens that have really curly feathers. They look like something from the Muppets Show.  They have small, creamy white, eggs and they lay a lot of them. Frizzles come in white, different shades of brown, black and different speckled colours. They can be quite funny looking.


Frizzle chicken with her curly feathers. (my photo)

Then there’s the Barred Rock chicken, that is a standard size and lays normal sized  brown eggs. Barred Rock chickens are black with white stripes like a zebra. They are raised for eggs and meat.


Barred Rock chicken (my photo)

I wonder if anyone else has interesting pets?

That’s all for now, I’ll chicken with you later.

By Just chaos (SIlkie Chicken) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


9 thoughts on “Amazing Feathers

  1. Livea

    Hi Cypress!
    Wow I learned a lot about chickens from this post. I think its really cool that you own a bunch of chickens and have so much knowledge about them! My favorite one you talked about is the Frizzle chicken. It looked so fluffy and cute! I also like the Mille Fleur chickens because the feathers on their feet are like little adorable boots! Maybe one day I can meet your chickens, that would be really fun. Which chicken is your favorite?
    Have a good day!

    1. Cypress

      Thank you for that nice post Livea!
      I like them all because they’re all unique in their own way.
      You have any animals?

    1. Cypress

      Thank you for the reply Jayden. I like to pug you have, it looks like Hammish my pugs brother. Do you play with your dogs alot?
      Have a pugtastic day 🙂

    1. Cypress

      Hi Alice,
      Thanks for checking out my blog and the kind comment. My chickens seem to just stay put. They’re kind of like dogs. The Mille de Fleur chickens are great pets but can be kind of shy. Fish, COOL!! What kind of fish do you have?

      Sincerely Cypress

    1. Cypress

      Hi Kaiya, I think all animals are cute and I don’t really have a favorite one. I like PUGS a lot though! What is your favorite animal?
      By the way, I really like your avitar. I looks a lot like you 🙂
      Your buddy Cypress


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